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Welcome Velocity Highway eLeague racing to CSC-Racing Channel. We’re all about the cars and stars of speed!

Welcome to CSC Racing Channel

We’re almost there… But rest assured, what’s coming will be totally cool. Hang in there, a racing experience like you’ve never seen before is on it’s way! At least that’s what they tell me. Until we get setup… Below are a few sample segments.

Welcome to the Winners-Circle. The 1995 Hooter’s Cup season is a tribute to Robert H. Brooks, and his vision of how auto racing was meant to be. Many NASCAR stars began their racing career in a Hooter’s Cup car. This video premiered at the 1996 Awards Banquet in Atlanta, Georgia celebrating Mario Gosselin’s points victory. Click PLAY and enjoy this CSC Racing Channel exclusive.

TrackPak at Daytona

Our good friend Joe Linebarier covered the SCCA action at Daytona International Speedway. It’s a different track style for this class of cars, so the challenge is on.

The crew couldn’t get enough, so we headed to Volusia County Speedway to capture the cars and stars playing in the red dirt. The Hooters stop was kind of neat.  Stay tuned for more CSC-Racing Channel.

/center> BOATS

WCSC has more than 200 hours of auto, truck and Tunnel-Boat racing, and we in the process of building a Racing Channel right here on CSC. Stay tuned for CSC-Racing Channel.

Grand Canyon Car Jump

2001-06-01 Tommy at Canyon on ramp
2001-06-03 CANYON RAMP VIEW-640
Allan -JumpSite1 Ramp-640
RonReal-AllanMason -JumpSite-640
2001-06-03 Allan-Howard-Pearson'sCar-640
2001-06-03 Grand Canyon Prod Truck
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Sunday, July 3rd 2001, on a live Pay-Per-View primetime event, stuntman Tommy Pearson attempts to jump Jackass Canyon, a branch of the Grand Canyon. Two-Hundred sixty-three feet from the ramp to the catch cars on the opposing side.  Many things went well… only one thing went wrong.  

The SnowBall Derby

The first time the SnowBall Derby was televised was November 1995, and we were at Five Flags Speedway, in Pensacola, Florida to capture this prestigious race. It’s been running since 1968 and was labeled “The Last Race of the Season.” It was the racing passion of Robert H. Brooks who made this televised race possible. CSC-Racing Channel will air this race when we resize it to fit the available bandwidth.

1995-1996 Hooters Cup Season

After the death of NASCAR Champion Alan Kulwicki, April 1, 1993 Robert H. Brooks, CEO of Hooter’s and Kulwicki’s sponsor decided he had enough of the Cup Series. The creation of the Hooter’s Cup Racing Series led to its premiere on Prime Sports Network in 1995. CSC-Racing Channel sets to launch the entire season early this fall.

FASCAR Late Model Triple Crown

After the death of Robert H. Brooks the Hooter’s Cup was canceled. Don Nerone, Billy Martino and Allan Mason, in order to keep the series going televised a Triple Crown Series featuring the stars and cars of the FASCAR franchise. All three 200 lap races were televised from Lakeland International Speedway, and aired on the BrightHouse cable network in the Tampa area. Now CSC-Racing Channel has the exclusive rights to air all three races on this channel. StandBy: Due to bandwidth issues, we’re building race sections.