Welcome to CSC Racing

We’re almost there… But rest assured, what’s coming will be totally cool. Hang in there, a racing experience like you’ve never seen before is on it’s way! At least that’s what they tell me. Until we get setup… Below are a few sample segments.

Welcome to the Winners-Circle. The 1995 Hooter’s Cup season is a tribute to Robert H. Brooks, and his vision of how auto racing was meant to be. Many NASCAR’s stars began their racing career in a Hooter’s Cup car. This video premiered at the 1996 Awards Banquet in Atlanta, Georgia celebrating Mario Gosselin’s points victory. Now it’s a CSC Racing exclusive. BOATS

WCSC has more than 200 hours of auto, truck and Tunnel-Boat racing, and we in the process of building a Racing Channel right here on CSC. Stay tuned for CSC-Racing. TRUCKS

More racing, more fun. The above video is the opening segment to the Southern Pro Truck Racing Series. We traveled the East coast televising these events, and soon… They’re coming your way.