Welcome to CSC Racing

We’re almost there… But rest assured, what’s coming will be totally cool. Hang in there, a racing experience like you’ve never seen before is on it’s way! At least that’s what they tell me. Until we get setup… Below are a few sample segments.

Welcome to the Winners-Circle. The 1995 Hooter’s Cup season is a tribute to Robert H. Brooks, and his vision of how auto racing was meant to be. Many NASCAR stars began their racing career in a Hooter’s Cup car. This video premiered at the 1996 Awards Banquet in Atlanta, Georgia celebrating Mario Gosselin’s points victory. Now it’s a CSC Racing exclusive. BOATS

WCSC has more than 200 hours of auto, truck and Tunnel-Boat racing, and we in the process of building a Racing Channel right here on CSC. Stay tuned for CSC-Racing.