Chilly and Willy Show Mascots

Rent Me.

These life size characters were made for the perfect selfie.  Chilly and Willy assist our DJ with product sampling and promoting your products and services. Performance time is 4 hour minimum and 6 hour maximum, with a 40 minute hour 20 minute break. Book both of them at $50.00 an hour.

CarShow DJ Sponsorship

Let our Show Day DJ promote your firm at every car show in Florida. The DJ sits under a 10×10 tented area with a product table in front. Our pro sound equipment delivers top quality sound and can be heard up to a mile away.

Tent Banners

Our tent has two sides and a back. A 10×8 banner fits perfectly and is viewable to everyone at the show. You supply the banner and we will attach it to the area you select. (inside or outside) Flags my be used too. It’s all about promoting your company and its products and services. presents CSC-Racing