AMO Pizzeria SH:1


AMO Pizzeria | Show 1

Correspondent Rick Weaver, covered AMO Pizzeria for the first time in Coral Springs, Florida. More than 40 cars, trucks and vintage beauties were on display. It was a very cool show, some neat rides and slick builds made AMO Pizza the place to be on this Saturday morning.

Photos by Rick Weaver

AMO Pizzeria Show event would make any bodies day… Pizza and a Car Show? You bet! The show had lots of nice folk, and great conversation. and of course, DJ Eugene played the best tunes in the pizzahood.

1968 Camaro SS_4288
1970 Boss Mustang_4277
1973 Ford Mustang and Model_4241
1978 Camaro Z28 and Couple_4265
1978 Camaro Z28 and Couple_4269
1978 Camaro Z28 4270
1987 Exclibur_4285
2007 Chevy Restomod 63_4272
2007 Chevy Restomod 63_4278
2010 Dodge Challenger RT_4305
1955 Chevy Belair_4255
1958 Ford Ranger Wagon_4273
1965 Chevy Corvette_4289
1965 Olds Starfire _4295
1965 Olds Starfire Dash_4290
1965 Oldsmobile Starfire_4274
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Video By Rick Weaver