Cars Under the Stars SH:5


Easton Hotel | Show 5

Correspondent Rick Weaver, was under the stars at The Easton Rooftop Pool & Lounge in Ft. Lauderdale for a car show with more than 50 of the coolest rides in town. The truest car show aficionados made this show just be in on the action.

Photos by Rick Weaver

This monthly upscale event is held on the last Saturday of every month. Event VIP tickets are available at carsunderstars. If you enjoy high-end exotic cars and a “top shelf” evening out, this event is for you.

2024 Two Girls Bar PR_1437
2024 Two Girls Bar PR_1439
2024 Two Girls Blonde_1488
2024 Two Girls_1485
2024_Shark Blue_Porsche_
2019 MB G63_1352
2020 Ferrari F12_ios
2020 Lamborghin Urus_1420
2020 Maserati_MC20
2020 Mercedes G Wagon_1394
2023 Lamborgihini Urus_1407
2023 Lamborgihini Urus_1422
2024 Angelia and Friend_1447i
2024 Angelina D_1397i
2024 Couple at the Show_1257
2024 Couple_1460
2024 Elegant Couple_1482
2024 Guy and Two Girls_1457
2024 Long Pool View_1444
2024 MB G Wagon Sonia_1401
2024 Mermaid_1473
2024 Sonia and Friend_1451
2024 Sonia Brabus Wagon_1403
2024 The_Easton
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