Gears and Beers SH:1


Beers and Gears SH:1

CSC Correspondent Rick Weaver enjoyed a cold one at NOBO Brewery, Boynton Beach, FL during the Beers and Gears Car Show. More than 40 vehicles adorned with owners, and their pit master’s craw-fish suffered with ice cold beer.

Photos by Rick Weaver

A South Florida coolness hovered over the event while wheelies were the on the pavement. Make sure to check out their next event. will keep you informed.

2023 Dream Rider_3664
2023 Dream Rider_3727
2023 GA Mike_3610
2023 Crawfish_3599
2023 Michelle and Nicole_3710
2023 Chrome Wheel_3751
2023 Michelle and Nicole_3723
2023 Motorcycle Rider_3659
1934 Ford Custom_3763
1965 Chevy Chevelle Action_3758
2013 Ford F350 Action_3689
2020 Ford Explorer Black_3626
2020 Toyota Tacoma_3654
2021 Chevy Colorado_3685
2021 Chevy Silverado_3671
2021 Ford F350_3742
2022 Chevy Pickup Silver_3699
2022 Chevy Pickup Silver_3756
2022 Ford F250_3679
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