The night was clear, and moon was yellow and in 1958 the Corvette was five just years old. Legendary Lloyd Price purchased his first Corvette after his hit single Stagger Lee in that same year. 


Because it’s a Corvette

Remember skipping school, going to the local dealer just see the new Corvettes roll of the cargo carrier? Some of us took pictures standing next to those new cars. Here’s most of South Florida’s super cool Corvettes.

The Quest for Coolness

The first Corvette was built in 1953, and General Motors has been cranking them out ever since. Check out these fun facts: 1. Haley Earl, the designer of the Corvette, initially designed his roadster under the name “Project Opel.” The original target price point was a mere $2,000. 2. There’s a bit of resemblance between early Corvettes and the Jaguar XK120 due to Haley Earl drawing some inspiration from the classic Jaguar. 3. The Corvette has been produced in three different cities: Flint, Bowling Green, and St. Louis. 4. The first Corvette retailed for $3,513 in 1953. Adjusted for inflation, that’s an affordable $31,608! 5. Myron Scott, who worked as a photographer for Chevrolet, named the Corvette after a small warship of the same designation. 6. The Corvette is the only vehicle to ever offer a legitimate “wrap-around” windshield.