Rotelli’s Pizza SH:1


Rotelli’s Pizza | Show 1

Correspondent Rick Weaver, rolled over to Rotelli’s Pizza and Pasta Restaurant in Boynton Beach for Dee’s Rascals Show… More than 50 of the coolest rides in in town were there for your viewing pleasure.

Photos by Rick Weaver

Dee’s Rascals attract the best builds and neatest rides. All the cruisers were there making sure you add this event to your cruiser list… Because it needs to be there.

2016 Camaro LT1_5526
2018 Dodge Challenger RT Action_5502
2020 BMW M4 Competition Close_5542
2022 Chevy Corvette Red Mist Metallic Tint LS Front_5594
2022 Chevy Corvette Red Mist Metallic Tint LS Rear_5595
2022 Rotelli Cameron Robin Dillon _1
2022 Rotelli Nikko_1
1966 Cadillac Calais Front_5611
2016 Camero LT1 Brit
1985 Chevy Corvette Front_5632
1985 GMC Dually RS Front 5586
2016 2017 Camaro LT1_ Hotwheels,5521
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