Street Juke November


Street Juke | November

Correspondent Rick Weaver received a text message for a “Popup” show a an undisclosed location. The Street Juke show attracts all types of Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles and RC cars.

Photos by Rick Weaver

This night had Porsches, BMW’s, Corvette’s Ducati Motorcycles and Other assorted cool machines. The show ran from 9-11PM. A good time was had by all.

2021 Camaro LT1_0792
2022 Honda Accord Sedan OR_0825
2022 Honda Accord Sport Rear_0793
2023 Scene From a Cool Show_0843
2023 Scene From a Show_0840
2023 Street Juke RC_0832
112223 Porsche GT3 RS
2005 Corvette Back_0799
2007 Ford Mustang GT_0814
2009 BMW_0821
2010 BMW M3 Motor_0836
2010 Chevy Corvette_0809
2011 Porsche Cayman_0801
2016 BMW M4 Coupe_0806
2017 Infiniti Q50_0791
2018 Ford Mustang_0838
2020 Honda Civic Type R_0844
2020 Porsche GR3 RS_0796
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