Cheetah Lounge Car Show


Cheetah Lounge Cars | Show 1

Correspondent Rick Weaver had his hands full at the Cheetah Club, Hallendale Beach May 5, 2024. It was the club’s annual Chicks, Cars and Truck Show. The Show had more than 75 car in attendance.

Photos by Rick Weaver

The high-class event was catered with top-shelf food and sprits, plus lots of eye candy which made the day pass rather quickly. It was a blast for all who attended.

2024 Cheeath Girls PR_1142
2024 Cheeath Girls_1142
2024 Cheeath Girls_1148
2024 Cheetah Club Back_1152
2024 Cheetah Club Back_1165
2024 Cheetah Club Girls PR_1226
2024 Cheetah Club Girls_1231
2024 Cheetah Girls_0005
2024 Cheetah Girls_1145
2024 Club Girl Pink_1210
2024 Club Girl Pink_1213
2024 Dean 2017 Camaro_1161
2024 Terri McLaren 570S PR_0027
1959 Ford Galaxie Retractable_0029
1969 Dodge Coronet_0018
1969 Ford Mustang Sportsroof_1160
1970 Chevy Corvette Orange_1222
1972 Dodge Dart Deamon Orange_0991
1972 Maserati Merak_1159
1972 Maserati Merck_1158
1982 Chevy Corvette_0019
2020 McLaren 570S_1174
2020 McLaren 570S_1179
2020 McLaren 570S_1181
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