Clean Culture 2022


Clean Culture 2022

CSC Correspondent Rick Weaver covered the cleanest cultures in town hosted by the Palm Beach Fair Grounds. This one of a kind show is the largest of its type held annually. More than 300 entries attended the show.

Photos by Rick Weaver

It was a great event for the Drifters, as people lined the barriers all along the drift path to watch and cheer for their friends and favorite vehicles. A good time was had by all.

2008 Acura RS Front_8732
2009 Lexus IS350 RS Front_8710
2011 Toyota Corolla XRS LS Front_8815
2015 Dodge Challenger LS Front_9036
2017 Ford Mustang_8920
2018 Dodge Charger Pink Front_9032
2018 Dodge Charger RS Front_8684
2020 Lexus F Sport LS Front_8715
2020 Subaru WRX STI RS Front _8725
2021 Honda Accord Coupe LS Front_8787
2022 Car Show Kids_8980
2022 Dodge Charger Mustang Shelby_8688
2022 Collete Davis Car LS Front_8869
2022 Collete Davis With Car_8834
1995 Nissan Gloria RS Front_8701
1995 Toyota Sera front_8752
1995 Toyota Sera Rear_8753
2003 Honda S2000 Rear_8734
2004 Nissan 240SX_8997
2004 Nissan 240SX_8999
2004Mitsubishi Diamantie RS Front_8805
2007 Honda Accors Civic_LS Rear_8761
2007 Honda Civic RS Front_8811
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