Dee’s Road Rascals

Dee’s Road Rascals Car Show

The Road Rascals are cruising their show cars to Carolina Ale House on Congress Avenue in Boynton Beach this and every Saturday from 4:00 to 8:00pm. The show featured a variety of makes and models, from today’s super cars to yesterday’s classics. It was fun hanging out with the Road Rascals, sharing car stories. Stop by and say Hello.

Stingray’s and XKEs

Stingrays and XKEs were featured in what 60’s hit? Are you thinking Jan and Dean, or the Beach Boys? It’s was the Rip Cords with their 1963 recording of Hey Little Cobra. Remember, every Saturday at Carolina Ale House, there’s lots of Jag’s, Corvette’s and vintage classics to ponder about. 

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