Asphalt Angels Car Show


Asphalt Angels

A very nice range of cars and trucks made this car show heavenly, thus the name Asphalt Angels. It was a healthy taste of Chevy’s and Mopars, with a side order of Corvettes and Cobras. Nothing could have made this show better. Everything you need is right here.

Photos: Rick Weaver

Rick says the promoters are more than friendly and the people attending this show are the best. Cordial and nice to talk with… if it’s an Asphalt Angels show, make sure to Be There! 

CSC-Asphalt Angels-006
CSC-Asphalt Angels-007
CSC-Asphalt Angels-008
CSC-Asphalt Angels-005
CSC-Asphalt Angels-009
CSC-Asphalt Angels-010
CSC-Asphalt Angels-011
CSC-Asphalt Angels-012
CSC-Asphalt Angels-013
CSC-Asphalt Angels-014
CSC-Asphalt Angels-015
CSC-Asphalt Angels-016
CSC-Asphalt Angels-017
CSC-Asphalt Angels-018
CSC-Asphalt Angels-020
CSC-Asphalt Angels-021
CSC-Asphalt Angels-022
CSC-Asphalt Angels-023
CSC-Asphalt Angels-024
CSC-Asphalt Angels-001
CSC-Asphalt Angels-002
CSC-Asphalt Angels-003
CSC-Asphalt Angels-004
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