Brass Monkey Bar Grill SH:12


Brass Monkey Bar and Grill

Correspondent Rick Weaver, made a special showing at the Brass Monkey in Lake Worth, Florida. More than 75 entries gave the crowd a nice verity of cuties and beauties… fun to look at, and technical conversations galore.

Photos by Rick Weaver

Vanilla Ice made an appearance with a couple neat rides, and shared his passion for classic cars. Make sure to add this reoccurring event to your Cruise’n calendar or you may find your lost hubcap.

2022 Custom Motorcycle RS Front
1965 Chevy Chevelle SS LS Front
1965 Ford Mustang Coupe Pro Street Front
1967 Blue Chevy Chevelle RS Front
1967 Chevy Chevelle RS Front Action
1969 Pontiac GTO Judge RS Front
1969 Chevy Nova LS Front
1969 Chevy Nova RS Front
1969 Chevy Nova RS Front_1
1969 Ford Mach One RS Front
1968 Plymouth RoadRunner RS Front
1968 Pontiac Firebird RS Front Action
1976 Chevy Corvette RS Front Tight
1979 Pontiac Trans Am RS Front
1980 Dodge Truck Orange Crush RS Front
1983 Chevy Corvette Front
1983 Chevy Corvette Rear.Action
1976 Chevy Corvette and Crowd
1976 Chevy Corvette Front
1986 Ford Mustang RS Front_1 Action
1986 Ford Mustnag Front Acion
1992 Ford Mustang RS Front
2004 Pontiac GTO Front
2007 Ford Mustang RS Front Action
2019 Chevy GS Corvette RS Front
2019 Chevy GS Corvette RS Rear
2020 Shelby Ford Mustang RS Front
2012 Chevy Camaro RS Front Action
2016 Red Chevy Camaro
2017 Chevy Camaro Hot Wheels Front
2018 Chevy Hot Wheels Camaro
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