Detroit Dream Cruise 2023



While in Michigan, CSC Correspondent Rick Weaver covered the Detroit Dream Cruise for the second year in a row. Detroit Dream Cruise Food Pantry Corvette Show, held at the Double Tree Hotel Bloomfield Hills Michigan, and more than 150 cars made this event a beautiful Wednesday evening.

Photos by Rick Weaver

Car Enthusiasts gathered behind the hotel to admire each others cars and enjoy the music. The Band The Blue Guitar and singer Chrissy Morgan provided the cool music. The show wrapped up at 7:00PM with a ride-out on Detroit’s famous Woodward Avenue.

1972 Pontiac Sprint_4307
1976 Corvette Lady_4295
2002 Chevy Corvette Action_4371
2002 Chevy Corvette Action_4373
2005 Ford GT Matt_4616
2006 Black and Yellow Ford GT_4357
2006 Ford GT Black_4352
2006 Ford GT Gray_4340
2006 White and Orange Ford GT_4398
2007 Corvette Custom_4415
2013 C6 and Red C5 Vette_4482
2015 Corvette Conversion_4421
2017 Chevy Corvette_4302
2019 Corvette ZR1 Orange_4445
2019 ZR1 Corvette White_4513
2020 Camaro GTO Custom_4427
2022 White ZR1_4327
2023 Blue Gutiar Band_4469
2023 Chevy Corvette Kristen L_4567
2023 Chevy Corvette Kristen L_4578
2023 Chrissy and Paws_4453
2023 Lingenfelter Race Car_4569
2023 Vette Couple_4591
2023 Yellow Vette Action_4551
22023 Doubletree Girls4471
1933 Ford Highboy_4387
1961 Chevy Corvette_4315
1968 Plymouth RR Keith Black_4409
1970 Corvette Ladies_4436
1970 Plymouth Cuda_4604
1972 Plymouth Duster_4611
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Copyright 2023 | Monday August 28, 2023 at Double Tree Hotel in Bloomfield Michigan.

 Then there were these awesome burnouts… The cops didn’t even care.