Sheehan GMC SH:3


Sheehan GMC | Show 3

Correspondent Rick Weaver, covered Sheehan GMC event in Lighthouse Point, Florida. More than 100 cars were on the lot where real car show aficionados made the trip to help, aid and assist in a worthy fundraising effort.


Photos by Rick Weaver

Special thanks to Tom Sheehan and the Sheehan Automotive Group for their participation in the effort. They always attract the best builds and sweetest rides from the South Florida area. The show ran on a beautiful evening, clear skies with lots of smiling faces.

1969 Chevy Nova Couple_9393
1972 Chevy Corvette Silver_9527
1976 Dragster Rail_9417
1979 GMC Dualie_9459
1983 Chevy Dually Green_9513
2002 Chevy Corvette Widebody_9481
2006 Nissan Sentra_9528
2009 C6 Chevy Corvette_9529
2016 Ford Mustang Action_9430
2019 Corvette Grandsport_9443
2022 Chevy Corvette_9495
1960 Cadillac Eldorado_9470
1962 Corvette Gasser_9524
1964 Buick Electra 225_9519
1966 Chevelle ElCamino SS_9421
1966 Ford Mustang Action_9437
1968 Chevelle SS Front_9516
1969 Chevy Corvette Silver_9538
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