Super Car Saturday SH:3


Supercar Saturday | Show 2

Correspondent Rick Weaver, gets super-charged at Supercar Saturday car show in Wellington, FL. More than 700 of the coolest rides in in town were there for your viewing pleasure.

Photos by Rick Weaver

Supercar Saturday Car Show promoters attract the best builds and neatest rides. All the cruisers were there making sure you add this event to your cruiser list… Because it needs to be there.

1963 Chevy Impala LS Front_6440
1988 Ferrari F40 Front_6535
1988 Pontiac Fiero Coupe_6640
2005 Lamborghni Gallardo _6532
2005 Lotus Elise RS Front Action_6619
2007 Lamborghini Galadaro Rear_6555
2009 Bently Convertible Coraca Rally and Owner 6444
2016 Fiskar Karma Front Action_6495
2018 AMG GT BiTurbo LS Front Action_6455
2018 AMG GT LS Front Action_6451
2018 Exotic Wrap Boca Crystal Ann_6630
2018 Jaguar Vantage Lime Essance Terri 6708
2018 Lamborghini Aventador SV Rear_6634
2018 Lamborghini Huracn LS Front Action
2018 McLaren 570S Action_6482
2020 BMW M4 and Victoria LS_6649
2020 Lamborghini Huracan Corsa Rally Front and Owners_6437
2020 Lamborghini Hurcan Front and Owners 6548
2020 McLaren Corsa Rally Front and Owners_6424
2020 Porsche 911 4S _6408
2020 Porsche 911 Cabriolet Gabrielle _6365
2020 Porsche GTS Turbo LS Front_6480
2020 Rolls Royce LS Front Action_6511
2020 Rolls Royce LS Front Action_6521
2021 Chevy Corvette LS Front Action_6479
2021 Lamborghini Huracan LS Front Action_6502
2021 Slingshot of Miami_6458
2022 Bill Hoffmann_6357
2022 Bill Hofmann Trubute 1_6684
2022 Foreign Affairs Porsche and Owners Action _6415
2022 Rose and Brian Supercar_6694
2022 Supercar Sat Bill Tribute Traffic _6526
2022 Terri at Nikko Tent
2022 Two Ladies Talking 6572
Lamborghini Galladaro SLP and Model_6596
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