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Super Car Week | January

Photographer Rick Weaver attended another great Annual Supercar Week on the West Palm Beach Waterfront. As always, the multiple blocks of Flagler Drive is where Supercar Week also hosts a VIP brunch and lounge where some of the most influential people from Palm Beach and neighboring counties.

Photos by Rick Weaver

Despite heavy rains, the show was well attended by visitors and vendors alike. The 12 noon to 5:00PM event taught promoters how to dance in the rain.

2024 Florida Tech larsen Racing_0080
2024 Florida Tech larsen Racing_0081
2024 Howard Dean and FPl Crew_9911
2024 Kasha Laurence and the Gang_9991
2024 Neil and Friends_0131
2024 Pavillion Shot_9932
2024 Terri and Pretty Girl_0137
2024 Three People_0009
1932 Ford_9929
1950 Pontiac Door_0166
1950 Pontiac Interior_0163
1950 Pontiac Trunk_0168
1968 Dodge Charger Rear_0079
2004 Dodge Viper_9928
2015 488 Ferrari Pista_9973
2017 MB AMB GT 9975
2020 Lambo Huracan Technica_0181
2020 Porsche Lambo_9931
2020 Porsche Lambo_9986
2021 Ford Mustang Cobra GT_9908
2024 4 People 0098
2024 Alex and Tara_9960_1
2024 David and Stave_0006
2024 Fastlife Guys
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Copyright 2024 | Sunday January 14, 2024 at West Palm Beach Waterfront.