Food Truck Tuesday SH:1


Food Truck Tuesday Show 1

Correspondent Rick Weaver, on the road again headed to Boca Raton’s Amphitheater Park for a great show where more than 40 entries were on hand for your viewing pleasure.

Photos by Rick Weaver

The weather held steady and today’s show is on par for another cool sighting. Make sure to add this event to your Cruise’n calendar. By the way… Rick says Food truck burgers rule the tummy.

2017 Vette and Girls 2150
2017 ZO6 Corvette LS Front
2018 Chevy Camaro LS Front
2020 BMW Green M3 Competition LS Front
2021 BMW M3 Compitition LS Front
2021 Chevy Covette RS Front
2021 Rivian Truck RS Front Action
2022 Hond Accord Sedan LS Front
2022 Scenes From A Show Travlin Trucks
2022 Scenes From A Show Travlin Trucks_2
1968 Roadrunner Dash
1968 Roadrunner Interior
1968 Roadrunner RS Front
1979 VW Superbeeetle LS Front
1992 Mustang GT Convertible RS Front
2000 Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4 Front
2000 Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4 LS Rear
2002 Chevy Corvette LS Rear
2008 Chevy Corvette Engine
2008 Chevy Corvette Rear
2011 Ford Mustang 50 GT Front
2011 Ford Mustang 50 GT RS Front
2011 Porsche Cayman Samanth Front
2014 Chevy Corvette RS Front Action
2015 BMW M3 RS Front Action
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